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In this page you will discover amazing Minecraft weapons tagged mods. Flick through countless useful content dedicated for Minecraft game that includes mods, shaders, maps and textures. Only the best and most popular additions come into our list and they promise to give an fascinating experience to any minecraft player

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TheIvan's Additional Weapons

TheIvan's Additional Weapons adds 10 new items into the game. These are five different useful weapons, with two tiers each. Let's take a look at them one by one.The DaggerDagger - Swift Strikes for Tactical Advantage:25% Faster Attack Speed for Quick ManeuversBalanced Gameplay: Slight Damage Reduction (-2)The HammerHammer - Unleash Devastating Blows:Crush Your Foes with +4 Higher DamageTactical Trade-off: Slower Swing (-1) for Maximum ImpactThe Battle AxeBattle Axe - Versatility Meets Lethality:Dual Functionality: Use as a Normal AxePrecision Strikes: Slightly Slower (-0.2) Swing with +1 Extra DamageThe SickleSickle - Swift Harvest, Swift Strikes:Lightning-Fast Attacks: 2x Faster than SwordsBalancing Speed and Power: Damage Halved for Tactical GameplayThe MaceMace - Channel Raw Power in Each Swing:Strategic Gameplay: Slower (-0.2) Swing for +1.5 Additional DamageDominate the Battlefield with Controlled ForceIt's important to note that this is a Forge mod, and you can find the download links below. Make sure to read the installation instructions carefully for a smooth experience.


Revolt of the Mobs

Revolt of the Mobs is a Forge mod that adds nine fierce new mobs to Minecraft – each with their own unique theme. With 3 tires of 3 different mobs each with their own difficulty. The mod features mobs based off some of the original Minecraft creatures, such as cows and horses. The CowPG, the first tier of cow mob, is equipped with an RPG, allowing it to shoot you from afar. The second tier of cow mob is the MOO-nster Tank, which features a cow riding a tank. The final tier of cow mob is the Mecha-MOO, a mech that the cow rides. Similarly, the horse-type mobs feature three tiers, from the weaker HorsePG to the powerful Horse Knight.  There are also rabbit mobs.


🧨 Throwing Dynamites 🧨

 Throwing Dynamites 🧨 is a mod that lets you throw dynamite. If you are resource gathering or mining, there’s often a need to take out a large area quickly to help gain resources or excavate/terraform. Throwing Dynamite is one of the best ways to do this.  The mod has become popular recently. It lets you do lots of tedious work with much less effort. Being able to excavate a large area quickly and efficiently can be an invaluable asset in any mining operation or world-building or griefing and it’s no wonder that dynamite throwing is becoming increasingly popular. With the use of throwing dynamites, miners no longer have to rely solely on pickaxes or other tools that take forever even if they are super fast. You can also use dynamite as a weapon. Throwing dynamites can also be fun.Dynamite is not that hard to obtain large amounts of (mostly using clay with a little gunpowder and string). There are multiple types of dynamite which can be made with a smithing table such as thermite dynamite and High Explosive dynamite with the possibility of many more being added in the future with the possibility of addon mods as well.Dynamite combined with a fire charge creates thermite dynamite, while dynamite combined with TNT produces high-explosive dynamite. This mod was inspired by a video where a pipebomb was thrown and exploded on contact, throwing dynamites can provide a powerful and efficient way of completing a job.


Actually Additions

Welcome to the fascinating world of Actually Additions, a Minecraft mod that brings a plethora of crafting ingredients and innovative tools to enhance your gameplay experience. If you've ever found yourself yearning for more diversity and convenience in your Minecraft adventures, then look no further. In this blog, we will delve into the depths of Actually Additions, uncovering its treasure trove of essential crafting items and unique features that will elevate your gaming to new heights.From the enigmatic Black Quartz, a valuable ore found between specific layers in the world, to the whimsical Smiley Cloud floating with a magical charm, there's no shortage of captivating elements awaiting you. We'll explore how these crafting ingredients play pivotal roles in various recipes, breathing life into the expansive world of Actually Additions.And when it comes to illumination, Lamps will illuminate your way with vibrant light and can be dyed in a stunning array of colors, offering the perfect ambience for every scene. But the wonders don't stop there - we'll also unveil the secret art of treasure hunting as you seek out elusive underwater Treasure Chests, containing valuable rewards for those lucky enough to find them.But it's not just about finding treasures; it's about crafting and automating with finesse. The Breakers and Placers introduce an innovative way to manipulate blocks from a distance, giving you the power to reshape your surroundings with ease. Additionally, the Fluid Placer and Fluid Collector bring fluid management to a new level, simplifying liquid transfers in your world.However, the true star of the show is the remarkable Phantomface. This ingenious invention not only connects inventories with finesse but also allows for simulated inventory interaction, granting you unprecedented control and flexibility in your item transfers. But beware, for while the Phantomface can work wonders, it's essential to learn its limitations and proper applications to make the most of this powerful tool.Discover the exciting features of this exceptional Forge mod by exploring the captivating screenshots provided below. To embark on this thrilling journey, simply follow the download links provided. Before proceeding, it is crucial to carefully read and adhere to the installation instructions for a seamless experience.


PneumaticCraft: Repressurized

PneumaticCraft: Repressurized is a powerful and unique mod that adds a lot of useful content to Minecraft. It comes with an in-game documentation, thanks to Patchouli for all versions and IGW (on 1.12.2 only) for MC1.12.2. This mod has its own power system based on compressed air, and features multiple compressors such as fuel-based ones, and the lightning strike compressor. Heat is also an important mechanic in this mod. Liquid fuels are refined from oil which are added as worldgen, and it also supports fuel from other mods like Thermal Suite, EnderIO and Immersive Petroleum. The mod also provides several crafting mechanisms, all of which can be configured via CraftTweaker in 1.12.2, or datapacks, KubeJS or CraftTweaker in 1.14.4 and later. These include Explosion Crafting, Pressure Chamber Crafting, Refining, Thermopneumatic Processing, and Assembly Line. Players can also program their own drones with a graphical programming language and use them to automate tasks. This mod also offers base defence systems such as hand-held miniguns, minigun turrets and security station. Additionally, it includes a full armour suite, Universal Sensor, Vortex Cannon, Gas Lift and a variety of upgradeable item and liquid hoppers. New features in PneumaticCraft: Repressurized have been added in 1.16.1 including the Jackhammer, and renewable fuels such as Yeast Culture, Ethanol, and Biodiesel. In 1.14.4/1.15.2, many new features were added. For 1.12.2, new features include CraftTweaker support, the Aphorism Tile, Heat sink effects, Vortex Cannon improvements, Kerosene Lamp burning any burnable fuel, Forged Multipart support, Wrenching of tube sections and Camouflage Applicator tool. Mod integration and the PneumaticCraft API are also available for working with other mods. Modpack Policy covers the mod, welcome anyone to include it in their modpacks.  Whether you’re looking to craft, build a base, or automate tasks, this mod has something for everyone.


The Twilight Forest

Welcome to the Twilight Forest, an extraordinary dimension exploration mod that will take you on a thrilling adventure like no other. This mod offers an immersive experience that will leave you captivated. In this post, we will delve into the key features of this mod and why it's a must-try for any Minecraft enthusiast.Fully Fledged Dungeons: Prepare yourself for epic dungeon crawling like never before. The Twilight Forest introduces a wide variety of meticulously designed dungeons, each with its own unique challenges and rewards. From ancient ruins to hidden strongholds, these dungeons will test your wit, agility, and combat skills. Explore their depths, solve puzzles, and face formidable foes as you strive to conquer these treacherous labyrinths.Varied Boss Battles with Elaborate Mechanics: If you're craving epic boss fights, the Twilight Forest has you covered. Encounter mighty creatures with awe-inspiring abilities and strategize to defeat them. Each boss battle presents a different set of mechanics, requiring you to adapt your tactics and exploit their weaknesses. These exhilarating encounters will keep you on the edge of your seat and provide a true test of your skills.Treasure and Loot with Unique Traits and Functions: One of the highlights of the Twilight Forest is the abundance of valuable treasures and loot that await your discovery. From enchanted weapons and armor to magical artifacts, each item possesses unique traits and functions that can enhance your gameplay. Collecting and utilizing these powerful items will not only make your journey easier but also unlock new possibilities within the mod.Street Cred; OG 2011 Modding Represent! The Twilight Forest mod has a rich history dating back to 2011 when it first emerged as a groundbreaking addition to Minecraft modding. Since then, it has continuously evolved, captivating players with its innovative features and engaging gameplay. The fact that it has stood the test of time and continues to be actively developed speaks volumes about its enduring popularity and quality.Ongoing Development: The Twilight Forest is a labor of love, and its development team is dedicated to constantly improving and expanding the mod. With regular updates and new content, you can expect fresh experiences and surprises, ensuring that the Twilight Forest remains a dynamic and ever-evolving dimension within Minecraft.How to Build a Twilight Portal ?Materials Needed:Grass, Dirt, Podzol, Mycelium, or any other block suitable for the frameFlowers, mushrooms, leaves, plants, or any other decorative blocks for the top of the grassWater buckets or any other means to fill the frame with waterStep 1: Choose a Location Select a suitable location in your Minecraft world where you want to construct the Twilight Forest portal. Keep in mind that the portal can be any shape or size you desire.Step 2: Clear the Area Clear the area of any obstructions, such as trees, rocks, or existing structures, to make space for your portal.Step 3: Construct the Frame Begin by placing blocks of Grass, Dirt, Podzol, Mycelium, or any other approved block material to create the frame of the portal. You can shape the frame in any configuration you like, as long as it meets the minimum size requirement shown in the image provided.Step 4: Decorate the Top On top of the grass blocks within the frame, add flowers, mushrooms, leaves, plants, or any other decorative blocks of your choice. This will add visual appeal to the portal and help fulfill the second condition.Step 5: Fill the Frame with Water Now, it's time to fill the entire frame with water. Start by placing a water source block in one corner of the portal frame and let it flow naturally to fill the entire frame. Alternatively, you can use water buckets to manually fill the frame until it is completely filled with water. Ensure that there are no gaps or dry spots within the frame.Step 6: Activate the Portal by throwing a diamond into the water. The portal should now activate, emitting a shimmering effect and opening a passage to the Twilight Forest dimension.This mod can further be enhanced by using the following mods to enable better looking trees into your game :Dynamic TreesDynamic Trees - The Twilight ForestIf you're ready to embark on an unforgettable journey, the Twilight Forest mod is waiting to transport you to a world brimming with adventure. Immerse yourself in fully-fledged dungeons, engage in thrilling boss battles, and discover unique treasures that will enhance your gameplay. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below.



ProjectE is an ambitious Minecraft mod which provides players with a vast range of powerful alchemical tools, items, and devices. Developed as a total rewrite of Equivalent Exchange 2 (EE2) for modern Minecraft versions, the mod allows players to break down unwanted items into Energy-Matter Covalence (EMC) and use that EMC to create new items. Among the many features of ProjectE include transmutation tables, collectors, condensers, and flying rings, making it one of the most popular mods in the community. The mod is led by SinKillerJ – the main project and community lead – and pupnewfster – the current lead of new version ports.  It is also very well known for very over powered weapons and commonly integrates with other mods. It is one of the most common mods to integrate with.



With its focus on expansion, exploration, and experience, NetherEx brings an unparalleled level of depth and excitement to the Minecraft Nether dimension. It goes above and beyond to revamp the Nether dimension, introducing new biomes, mobs, blocks, and items, all carefully designed to provide a fresh and captivating gameplay experience. Let's take a closer look at the three core ideas that define NetherEx. NetherEx expands upon the existing Nether content by introducing four brand-new biomes. Each of these biomes serves a unique purpose, ensuring that you'll never run out of things to explore and discover. Each biome is crafted with attention to detail, promising breathtaking visuals and thrilling challenges. Embark on daring expeditions through the revamped Nether biomes and uncover hidden secrets at every turn. Prepare to encounter exotic mobs that inhabit these biomes, each with its own behavior and characteristics. Immerse yourself in a world adorned with stunning new decorations and harness the power of over a dozen unique items. From powerful weapons and tools to valuable resources, NetherEx provides you with a wide range of options to customize your gameplay and make your mark on the Nether. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below.



Travel to a different planet? Fight new bosses? Discover new game mechanics? This is exactly what KingCraft is about. Over 1000 new blocks, items, mobs, recipes, mechanics, tools, weapons and more!Alert: Use JEI or NEI for crafting recipes; Make sure you have the "Mod Resources" Resource Pack on the Top of Everything!A mod which contains things that don't even exist! Everything I get on mind will be here!New Biomes, Ores, Armor and Tools, of course!Amber is something known. But what about amberite? Amberite is a gem made from amber and diamonds but can be also found.Want some coke? Get caramel, bottle and drink!New dimension - Wasteland! Make a portal using portal shards you find and explore a new world!New mobs - Cursed Chicken (Very rare and hostile. But slow lol), Null (Rare, attacks you only when you attack it.) and Fly (Annoying and Useless)What about navine? That's something better and rarer than coal and also can be used to create lantern which is stronger than torches!Also Sancy - a great and also strong type of diamond... or steel... what to say.MANY NEW STRUCTURES PRESENTED WITH LOOT AND TRAPS!New swords, armor and advancements! - Something that every mod needs.New biome - Navarite Land (and also more of them). Now you may be asking - what's navarite? It's a new material which can spawn as diorite for example.Also oily plains and death world exists - oily death lolYou can also find biomes such as rubbery forest or desert forest in this mod!And that's only navarite tab!For example Galanite - rare crystal - can be found in this mod to use as a defense!Much more is hiding in this mod. Feel free to tell me, what do you want to see in this mod!Newly in 5.0:We have: SHOPS, UPGRADES and most importantly NEW STRUCTURES!Let's check all features one by one! THE MARKETPLACE and THE WANDERING MARKETEERBoth the marketplace block (which spawns in a special market structure) and the marketeer give you the access to the exchange and trading menu.Here you can exchange blocks for one another or simply sell blocks for money! Money can be then used to buy great stuff in the trading menu within the marketplace!Additionally, some villagers come with new trades! DEEPSLATE ORESAll ores that can spawn in deep caves now have their own variant in deepslate! 1.19.2!The mod is now available for 1.19.2 (MCreator does not support 1.19.3) that means you can enjoy bigger worlds and much more features from the most actual version of Minecraft! MORE EXPERIENCE!!!Experience Sword can now be upgraded to increase the Experience Control effect up to level 3! MORE POWER!!!The aluminum pickaxe and sword are now both available to be upgraded up to level 20!At level 20 you also unlock a new ability: STAR POWER!Using Star Power, you can upgrade your Level 20 Picks and Swords even more! But for that you need to upgrade them first with the...UPGRADING TABLE!With the same principe as the smithing table, except without using anything to upgrade! You can put your Level 20 Pick or Sword to the top tile and choose one of three power-ups to upgrade your tool with!Doing so will make your tool Tier I, making you able to upgrade them up to TIER III! To do this, you'll need to get Stars which you can get by fusing Star Shards which you get thanks to the Star Power ability. NO MORE BORING CAVES!With the edition of Mineral Ores, your cave adventures will no longer be boring! Instead of seeing granite randomly, why not to see a granite ore that blends in with the stoney texture of the cave system?Destroying mineral ores gives you Mineral Shards, that can be fused into the mineral they belong to! (4 Granite Shards = 1 Granite Block)Additionally, from now on, aluminum ores drop raw aluminum! BRING IN THE QUARTZ!Now you can find quartz in the overworld too, in the form of quartz crystals! HOTTER IRON MADE OF GOLD!Why to use your weak hot iron when you can upgrade it up to level 5? Or even better, make it golden? This way it deals more damage to your opponents as well as leaving them to burn for longer! CLAY: ENHANCED!Say a warm welcome to: YELLOW and RED CLAY! These two variants of clay work just as the original, except they bring a little more variety to the overworld! DID SOMEONE CUT THIS TREE?Now, you can find fallen trees and fallen logs randomly in your world! DANGEROUS DUNGEONS AWAIT: MEET THE DUNGEONITE!Last but not least we have the Dungeonite - a brand new structure that comes in 5 different variants, all containing great loot but also many traps and mobs to fight! Good luck with this one ;)ADDED SULPHUR!For even more complex experience I've added Sulphur!Sulphur Dust - Get from sulphur ore, used in crafting and you can exchange it in the marketplace for gunpowder (doesn't work the other way around)Sulphur Ore - find it in overworld and wasteland, drops multiple dusts on breakSulphur Block - craft from sulphur dusts, used in craftingSulphur Crystal - find it in overworld and wasteland, drops 4 sulphur dust, craftable, comes in two variants, nice little decoration ain't it?Also, there are MORE NEW STUFFS!Pyrite Ingot - craft by adding 4 sulphur dusts around an iron ingot - doesn't look like gold... unless...Pyrite Block - craft using 9 pyrite ingots. resembles a golden block - fool's goldMatches - You can craft the small pack (6 matches) using 3 sticks under 3 sulphur dusts or the big pack (32 matches) using 3 wooden planks under 3 sulphur blocksMatch - Click on a block to make it burn... Simple right?ENJOY! Peace \/


Marium's Soulslike Weaponry

Marium's Soulslike Weaponry is a Minecraft mod for FabricMC which adds many new bosses and weaponry to your game. Fabric is not known for its boss mods, this is one of the best boss and weapons mods for fabric. There are also multiple different structures around the overworld, nether, and end which house some of the bosses. Each boss has its unique abilities which help them stand out from other bosses and mobs. The Decaying King has a Sword Slam where he has a big sword and does a big swing which does a lot of damage but takes time to cool down and is not too hard to prevent. He can also shoot fireballs and explosions. This boss is found in the nether.The old Champion’s Remains is a giant Skeleton (Similar to the Mutant Skeleton from the Mutant Creatures Mod) with a Sword and shield. The shield is used for Defence and can also be used to attack, it can be used to knock back enemies very far. He also hits with his sword which has a very long range and does a lot of damage.Frenzied Shade is a similar-looking mob but is purple and has claws that attack and move very quickly. This boss also can float underground.Monarch of Chaos is a Wither Skeleton Reaper-type character who shoots skulls with lightning at the target and lashes out at things with combos. He can also shoot a large number of projectiles such as tridents and moonlight or even arrows and shulkers. It can also teleport.The Returning Knight is one of the most powerful bosses in the whole mod. He can summon a random amount of minions to fight for it. They can also charge and slam nightfall, this attack does a huge amount of damage but takes a long time to do so can pretty easily be avoided. This boss also has the ability to blind and knock you back very far. He can also move his mace and his mace creates so many vibrations that it moves surrounding mobs.Soulmass is a mob that heals itself and shoots laser beams at its enemies and protects its owner. It also exploded upon death and weakens and slows hostile mobs nearby. There are also smaller mobs such as the Withered Demon, Ghosts, and Chungus, some of them even come with gear that can be received when killed. Potion effects are also in the mod. Bloodthirsty is similar to wither, but when the user is attacked it heals them. Decay weakens your armour over time and also increases the amount of damage you take while being attacked by 20%. Posture Break significantly slows down anything that has it. Permafrost causes mobs to slowly get slower and if a mob dies with this it creates an explosion that can spread the potion effect to nearby mobs. The mod has lots of weapons and guns, some of them even have cool custom models. However, most do not do all that much more damage than vanilla gear. The bosses and structures are the most impressive part of the mod. This mod is one of the most extensive boss mods for Fabric and newer versions of Minecraft and is similar to Chocolate Quest, Twilight Forest, and OreSpawn. They do not yet have a Forge version but it is planned. GeckoLib and Fabric API are required for the mod to work and the mod also works with Better combat. The mod is also available in Chinese and Russian and there is extensive documentation on the CurseForge page.


Happiness (is a) Warm Gun

 Happiness (is a) Warm Gun  is a gun mod which adds various 3D guns to minecraft. This gun is one of the most detailed guns mod, having many 3D models and special effects. The guns vary, there are some guns which are like machine guns which shoot very fast, and others which you need to reload each time.There are different types of ammo, such as fuel, bullets, and other, and each gun has its own ammo type, reload amount, and reload frequency and other attributes which are listed under the item.  Ammo does not really matter in creative move, which can shoot any gun without the ammo.Many of the guns are based off of real guns, like shotguns, revolvers, machine guns, flame throwers, and much more. It is also based off of the games Doom (which there is also another mod for by one of the contributors named AzureDoom) and Team Fortress 2.The Flame thrower lets you actually shoot fire and light blocks on fire. The mod adds a few different types of mobs, mostly villager types (different variants for Desert/Forest/Taiga/Snow), but this mod also changes the weapons of existing mobs, mostly the illagers and Technodemons in the nether. Guns and ammo can be obtained by killing a lot of them.There is also a gun table which is what is used to get most of the guns. The main materials used are iron, gold, gunpowder, and various other ingredients. Some weapons can only be found in chests found around the world.The names of the Guns provided in the mod are:PistolLuger    Silenced Pistol    Flare Gun    AK-47    SMG    Shotgun    Tommy Gun    Sniper Rifle    Grenade     Launcher    Rocket Launcher    Flame Thrower    Minigun    Balrog    Brimstone    Golden Gun    Hellhorse     Revolver    Meanie Gun    Incinerator     Unit    More in the     futureThe grenade Launcher can make big explosions, but the grenades are expensive and it takes a long time to load, and the minigun is also good but takes up a lot of bullets and does not do much damage with each bullet. RocketLauncher can also shoot rockets which do not do much damage to the terrain but can do lots of damage to the entities which hit it.The mod is for 1.16.5 and newer only on Fabric (and forks like Quilt), the developers have stated they do not plan to back port and do not want Forge ports. This mod also requires GeckoLib (also known as AzureLib) and is an example of a mod which uses geckolib that is not focused on mobs, but rather on item animations.Despite having such high quality models, the mod is pretty light weight, does not take up too much size, and most of the textures are made in plain JSON and are not really massive like 32x32. The Whole mod is under 1MB making it good for modpacks that should not be large. The authors allow modpacks to be hosted anywhere, like Technic or MinecraftStorage, but prefer if the modpack is hosted on CurseForge so they can get some of the profit.


Immersive Engineering

A timeless classic, Immersive Engineering is a tech-industry mod that adds many multiblock machines, power sources, animated windmills and waterwheels and awesome weapons like the Railgun and the Revolver.It's a complex and difficult mod to understand and work with, but the challenge only makes it all the more interesting; To get started, craft an Engineer's Manual and keep it stored in your inventory when working on the mod's contents. Then make an Engineer's Hammer and build a Coke Oven and Alloy Kiln, both made of simple materials like clay, sandstone and bricks.With a Coke Oven, you can make Coke Coal and free charcoal out of logs. It's slow, but effective, be sure to make multiple. You'll also get Creosote Oil as a byproduct, so be sure to store it and use it to make Treated Wood. The Silo and Tank multiblocks allow for massive storage of items and fluids respectively, make good use of them. The Metal Press is also an incredibly useful tool, allowing you to make plates, cables and many more items in a cheaper and more effective way. You can connect it to conveyor belt lines to move items around automatically.Having an array of Blast Furnaces is also incredibly important, as the best content this mod has to offer is gated behind Steel and you can only make it in those.


Mine Cells

Mine Cells is a promising Fabric mod that aims to add enemies, weapons and decorative blocks from the Action Roguelite Dead Cells to Minecraft. You can access the new dimension in which most of the mod's contents are located by finding a specific portal in the wild, which can be recognized for its circular shape. If you haven't found diamonds before approaching it, it won't activate, so be sure to do some vanilla progression before you get started; You'll need it for the mobs and boss you'll find there. The Prison dimension / structure has multiple mobs to fight, most of which have their own gimmicks that may put your abilities to the test. Bringing armor and a shield is highly recommended. Across the ruined halls of this place, you will find barrels with all sorts of useful loot and most of the new weapons, including the classic Blood Sword from the game and Health Flasks.Impressively enough, the mod also features elevators that are used to traverse some of the areas of the map, and a new boss that can be found deep inside the prison; Conjunctivius. She has multiple special moves that need to be learned, lots of health and deals enormous amounts of damage even with netherite armor.


Future MC

A huge chunk of the Minecraft playerbase stays in the 1.12 versions of the game. They simply fell in love with the older version that they have played for long and prefer those versions over the new ones. Many popular servers too still run on 1.12 versions of the game.The 1.16 update introduces Netherite tools and armors into the game. But for 1.12 players, these items are inaccessible. This is where the Future MC mod helps you. The mod brings many items from the latest versions of the game to the 1.12 versions.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


Nock Enough Arrows

The Fletching Table has been in the game for years. The block has no real purpose in the vanilla game and is termed as a "Decoration Block". The Nock Enough Arrows mod adds new arrows into Minecraft. Most of them can be created using the Fletching table, giving the block a purpose. Fletching tables now even have their own dedicated GUI that you can use in order to create the variety of arrows added by this mod. Some of the arrows added by this mod and their special abilities are :Pufferfish Arrow - Places a small Pufferfish where it hits.Explosive Arrow - Creates a small explosion where the arrow hits.Slime Arrow - Bounces 3 times when hitting a surface.Prismarine Arrow - Weak and slow outside of water, but strong and speedy in water.Hookshot Arrow - Leashes the entity the arrow hits.Message Arrow - Displays the name you gave to an arrow as a name tag for the arrow.Teleportation Arrow - Teleports the owner where the arrow hits.Ink Arrow - Creates a cloud of blinding ink around where it hits.Torch Arrow - Places a Torch where the arrow hits.Soul Torch Arrow - Places a Soul Torch where the arrow hits.Redstone Torch Arrow - Places a Redstone Torch where the arrow hits.Ethereal Arrow - Can pass through a wall when it flies.Dousing Arrow - Removes fires and turns Lava into Obsidian.Blossom Arrow - Creates a Bone Meal effect where it hits.Growing Arrow - Grows in size and strength the longer it flies.Drill Arrow - Breaks the block it hits, if it can be broken with an Iron tool.Split Arrow - Splits into 8 arrows, flying in different directions when it hits the ground.Party Arrow - Explodes into a firework after a certain time or when it hits something.Repulsive Arrow - Makes entities run away from the arrow.Echoing Arrow - Reveals all entities around where it hits.Seeker Arrow - Homes at the nearest entity. Just be sure to aim near it!Cupid Arrow - Makes an entity fall in love.Reinforced Arrow - Stronger and pierces armor.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


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