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Nostalgia Shaderpack

Nostalgia is a very beautiful shader pack which is released recently. Apart from having all the basic visual effects that most of the shaders include, it also comes with the amazing volumetric fog effects along with astonishing sun rays under the water(look ath the screenshots)! You will feel how unique the shaderpack is after playing it for few minutes. Below are some special features the shaderpack has: custom skybox and lighting colors dynamic shadows volumetric fog wind effects on foliage shader based vanilla styled clouds second layer of volumetric clouds nether and end support TAA and auto exposureNostalgia shader pack tends to keep default vanilla atmosphere of minecraft, so it just decorates it with a bunch of new effects where it lacks!


Complementary Shader Pack

The Complementary shader pack is one of the most breathtaking shader packs available today, and that is for a reason! Unlike other shaders for Minecraft, Complementary comes up with its unique style of shadows, fogs, and atmosphere in general. Once you dive into the water, you will discover yet another magnificent world, enriched with the sun rays coming from above, waving sea plants and several nicely glowing coral reefs. The night sky is a part of another story! It is realistic at the same time, yet dreamy. Just after the sunset, you will notice a gorgeous foggy horizon with a purple colour. At night, your sky will be covered with stars and beautiful volumetric visible clouds.I recommend you to try out this shader pack with biome mod The Biomes You Will Go and BetterEnd mods if you want to gain an additional bit of wonderful experience. It also provides a wide range of adjustable settings where you can take control over exposure, contrast, flare, DOF, vignette and etc. You can access them from options/video settings/shaders/shader options.With this shader pack, you will walk as if you are walking in the heavens and enjoy every moment of your game.


Continuum Shader Pack

Make your worlds prettier Are you bored of how minecraft vanilla looks? Would you like to add flavor to your minecraft worlds? This may be your chance to do it! Continuum is a shader pack for high-performance machines perfect for creating stunning photos and videos. The shader pack comes with a lot of interesting features such as 3D clouds, high quality lighting and reflections in solid blocks, high quality light refraction in water (it even takes into account the height of the waves!), and much more! Continuum is very customizable and has been designed to bring you the graphical experience you could expect from any AAA game. Why don't you give it a try and let your eyes enjoy something beautiful? You can also check the shaders website for more info: Maps shown in this post:  Novigrad by Elysium Fire  Mount Norsad by Arkady  



Are you tired of an ordinary Minecraft sky, which has nothing to offer apart from a couple of stars, sun and moon? Are you eager to make it much more attractive? If yes, then the Astralex shader pack is the optimal choice for you. The shader pack is pretty fresh and one reason why it stands up among other shader packs is that you will never observe such a magnificent night sky as these shaders can offer you. The Astralex shader pack is one of the most outstanding shader packs that not only changes your visuals but completely alters your game experience. It adds realistic camera movement, block indication, berserk mode and more. On the graphics side, the most obvious change is the gorgeous night sky, covered with stars, volumetric clouds, aurora. During the daytime, you will also be fascinated by sun rays, water animation, bloom effect. I also suggest you play around with a huge number of settings that this shader pack offers, so you can get the best of it. Make sure to visit the website of author for more info at



This shader pack is an official continuation and the enhanced version of another popular shader pack called RRe36's. From one perspective it originates its many visual aspects from the SEUS v10.1 shader pack while adding some extra features and brings a unique look. Some of the remarkable improvements are volumetric clouds, spectacular fog effects and wonderful water animation. Look through the screenshots and reveal the beauty of the shaders yourself!   Find a link to the author's website on this shaders pack in the additional links section below!


RRe36's Shader

RRe 36's shader pack adds a bunch of lovely visual effects that you won't find in other packs. It tries to brighten your world as much as possible. The pack has been updated recently, so the environment looks much more amazing than ever before. As you walk through your world having this shader pack installed, you will feel the atmosphere that resembles warm sunny days of summer and spring. Considerable work has been done on the water animation; now it has a beautiful dark blue color with small, but lovely waves. Install RRe 36's shader pack, and take advantage of astonishing visual effects during the day, as well as the spectacular sky at night! I hope you will enjoy the shader pack! The shader pack developement is discontinued. However you can take a look at UShader as an alternative.


Chocapic V9

I present you with a masterpiece from the creator of the Chocapic shader pack, an updated version of gorgeous graphics in your Minecraft world. Chocapic V9 shader pack now pushes your game experience to the limits, changing every aspect of visual graphics in Minecraft ranging from a night sky to the sunrise. Among the considerable improvements, you can easily notice magnificent water animation, along with its beautiful emerald coloured floors, outstanding sky with volumetric clouds, realistic shadows, sun rays and much more or fascinating stuff.   If you have already played with older versions of this shader pack, then you may look through these changes that you will come across in the game: Dynamic Time of Day cycle Physically plausible High Dynamic Range lighting system Shadows with variable penumbra size Variable density volumetric fog with shadows Volumetric clouds Water shader with water fog, reflections, caustics and refractions Screen-Space Global Illumination (SSGI) High-quality Temporal Anti-aliasing and upscaling (TAA / TAAU) Custom Nether and End with biome support Bloom Depth of Field Contrast-adaptative sharpening filter Wavy plants


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