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Applied Energistics 2 Wireless Terminals

Applied Energistics 2 Wireless Terminals is an add-on for Applied Energetics 2 that adds more terminals and booster cards allowing you to access the Æ2 network from anywhere. Additionally, there is a terminal called the Wireless Universal Terminal which lets you access all the wireless terminals in 1 item, along with all the other wireless terminals can be very useful for large and distributed tech networks where the user has a mess and does not want to access it. The Universal Wireless terminal is also good if someone has a lot of tech networks and wants to access them all from 1 place.The mod also has integration with trinket mods. There are many new trinkets such as the ability to use wireless terminals as gloves and belts leggings and hats as heads and so many more. It uses the Trinkets mod to do this and has a built-in data pack for this mod.The mod adds new screens and interfaces to Æ2 items and blocks, but works supplementary to Applied Energetics 2 and requires it to be installed. It also requires one already have great knowledge of Applied Energetics 2 as if you do not have good knowledge of it you will not be able to take advantage of the many features.This is supposed to be an updated version of the following mods:Wireless     Crafting TerminalWireless     Pattern TerminalsWireless     Interface TerminalsWireless fluid     terminalsWireless     Terminal LibraryAnd More


Powah! (Rearchitected)

Powah! (Rearchitected) is an update of a mod named Powah! For 1.18 and newer. It is mostly used for creating and dealing with energy. It works well with Applied Energetics 2, Even having a discord channel for it, but it is not required, though you will want some kind of a tech mod to go along with this mod.There are many new blocks added for the creation of energy, and the mod is still in Alpha so there is a lot more to come. There is a manual that describes most of the things in great detail with pictures and more in tabbed categories diving the items and each item having its page almost with some pages having more than 1 variant with crafting and stats for some.There are 5 tabbed categories added to the mod, these are the 4 with some, but not all of the items.GeneratorsFurnator generated Forge Energy from materials like coal and wood similar to  a furnace. There are multiple tiers such as Basic and HardenedMagmator is another Forge Energy creator but this time uses High-temperature fluids like LavaSolar Panels get energy from the sunMoreStorage/TransferEnergy  Cells stores Forge energy and can also get energy from the Ender networkEnergy Cables are used to move energy between machinesEnder  Cells are like energy cells but for a specific channel in an ender  network   Ender Gates are used for bringing nearby energy into an Ender Network.Functional BlocksEnergizing Orb energises nearby items with Energising Rods    Player Transmitted automatically charges items in nearby player inventories     wirelessly Energy Hoppers are used to charge items in block entities like chests    Energy discharger removes charge from items and stores it in a bufferItemsWrench has 3 modes config, link, and rotate mostly used for working with wires or blocks Charged Snowball is a snowball that you throw and it shoots lightning   Battery can be used to charge items that are in the player's inventory or upgrade Ender Channels    MoreMaterialsUraninite  Ore is an ore that is normally found not that far underground, often     within 20 blocks underground    Dry  ice is a minable type of ice that is found 64 blocks below or by energising 2 blue ice blocks and it is used for cooling down     reactors.The manual provides much more information about the items and lists much more of them.Powah! (Rearchitected) in general adds, a lot of new ways to work with energy, especially Forge energy, which is common in many mods and can easily be converted to many other formatsRequires Architectury and Cloth Config.


Create Crafts & Additions

Create Crafts & Additions (CC&A) is a mod for Forge  as well as Fabric (though its maintenance is unofficial), that acts as a bridge between electricity and kinetic energy from Create. It does this by adding an Electric Motor, which generates kinetic energy from Forge energy, and an Alternator, which does the generated Forge Energy from Kinetic Energy at 75% efficiency. In order to craft these items, players need to make a Rolling Mill, a kinetic machine can be used to make rods and wires. You can also use JEI for recipes. Other features and items added by CC&A include a Creative Generator, which generates unlimited Forge Energy Induction Heater, which heats furnaces using Forge Energy (removed in 2022)Connector &  Wires Redstone RelayAccumulator Charging StationTesla CoilFurnace BurnerCrude BurnerBiomass and Biomass PelletOvercharged HammerChocolate and  Honey Cake can be eatenDiamond Grit SandpaperStrawBarbed Wire blockMultimeter    Sead Oil and Bioethanol Rods Wires    Spools and other crafting components.      Electric Motors provide a ComputerCraft peripheral which can be used to generate kinetic energy. The Alternator can then be used to convert this energy into Forge Energy, which can then be used to power other devices. The Rolling Mill can be used to create Wires and Rods, which can then be used to power other devices. The Creative Generator can be used to generate unlimited Forge Energy. The Induction Heater can be used to heat furnaces using Forge Energy. The Connector & Wires can be used to wire devices together. The Redstone Relay can be used to control energy flow with Redstone. The Charging Station can be used to charge electric items. The Tesla Coil is for changing electric items, damaging to Players and Mobs, and heating furnaces. The Furnace Burner can be used to heat furnaces which don't require a smelting recipe to run. The Crude Burner heats furnaces which are fuelled by liquids such as different types of Oil, which is not quite a quick moving as water, unlike it’s real life counterpart. The Biomass can be used to create Pellet, Fuel. The Overcharged Hammer can be used to throw a powerful melee weapon. The Diamond Grit Sandpaper can be used to sand objects. The Straw can be used to apply to a Blaze Burner will give it the ability to burn liquid fuels. The Barbed Wire block can be used to fence off areas. The Multimeter can be used to measure various values.CC&A is also compatible with several other mods, including Simple Jetpacks 2 (for Electric Jetpacks), Immersive Engineering (for External Heaters, Lapis Sheet pressing, Sphalerite mineral deposits, Alloys, and Treated Wood), Mekanism (for Rose Quartz Enriching & Metallurgic Infusing), Tinkers Construct (for Alloys), and Applied Energetics 2 (for charging Certus Quartz). The Electric Motor can also be used as a peripheral for ComputerCraft. Most of the items also have the ability to right click and shift to get a better description and you can also learn how to use it with the regular Create mod.



Mining is one of the most basic player activities in Minecraft. It is a crucial part of the game that simply cannot be avoided. Some of the mining work can be avoided by building farms or by building automated tunnel bores that are built using complex redstone mechanisms. But if farms and redstone are not your thing, the Drill mod will help you out a lot. This mod adds the Drill, which you can use to mine out long 3x3 tunnels. Doing this deep underground will expose many different ores and you just have to walk through the tunnel, looking for exposed ores in the tunnel walls. The drill need fuel in order to work. You can use regular furnace fuels like coal or charcoal. A stack of coal will fuel the drill for a very long distance. This is a Forge mod. Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. Download links are given below.


Engineer's Decor

Useful, simple to use and good looking, Engineer's Decor is an addon to Immersive Engineering that adds tons of decorative blocks and a few functional machines to the game.New bricks, new concrete variations, more slabs, and even a roof style block group. There's also tables, stools, window stills and modern metallic fencing. In terms of functional machinery, a new furnace type that can turn cobblestone and other rocky blocks into lava has been added, along with a machine that can freeze water into ice.Solar panels, machines that cut trees, and many other useful contraptions are also part of the mod, some can be powered optionally to make them faster, while others require power to run at all times.


Immersive Engineering

A timeless classic, Immersive Engineering is a tech-industry mod that adds many multiblock machines, power sources, animated windmills and waterwheels and awesome weapons like the Railgun and the Revolver.It's a complex and difficult mod to understand and work with, but the challenge only makes it all the more interesting; To get started, craft an Engineer's Manual and keep it stored in your inventory when working on the mod's contents. Then make an Engineer's Hammer and build a Coke Oven and Alloy Kiln, both made of simple materials like clay, sandstone and bricks.With a Coke Oven, you can make Coke Coal and free charcoal out of logs. It's slow, but effective, be sure to make multiple. You'll also get Creosote Oil as a byproduct, so be sure to store it and use it to make Treated Wood. The Silo and Tank multiblocks allow for massive storage of items and fluids respectively, make good use of them. The Metal Press is also an incredibly useful tool, allowing you to make plates, cables and many more items in a cheaper and more effective way. You can connect it to conveyor belt lines to move items around automatically.Having an array of Blast Furnaces is also incredibly important, as the best content this mod has to offer is gated behind Steel and you can only make it in those.


Ad Astra!

Welcome to the space odyssey of your dreams! With Ad Astra, your world will be gifted with the means required to explore the deepest reaches of space and maybe even conquer them!To get started, be sure to craft the mod's manual and check its contents out, as it will give you some general tips regarding its progression and mechanics. Done? Good, now we can get started with the mod's actual contents.First of all, you'll want to acquire a Coal Generator and the Compressor, machines that you will use to make plates. Plates are a vital component in Ad Astra and you should get used to making tons of them. Cabling is made out of steel, which can be crafted by smelting Iron ingots.You will also need to make a machine that turns water into oxygen and another one that turns Oil, a fluid that can be found in the ocean, into Fuel. It is worth mentioning that fuel is NOT renewable and should be used with care.To go to the moon, the first cellestial body you can explore, you'll have to craft a landing pad and a rocket, which is made in the NASA workbench crafting station. Alongside that, please be sure to craft a Space Suit.It'll be expensive, and each trip will take tons of fuel, but the Lunar depths are the only place in which you can find Desh Ore, a mineral that is critical to this mod's progression. Of course, setting up a moon base is no easy feat, as it's an airless planet. You can actually mitigate this problem by setting up an oxygen production system with the Oxygen Distributor machine. 


Wireless Redstone

As a redstone engineer, I have to say that this mod absolutely blew my mind. As the name suggests, this mod adds Wireless Redstone into Minecraft. You can now transmit redstone signals without the use of redstone lines or any other means of physical connection. You have a trnasmitter that looks somewhat like a repeater, and a signal receiver that looks like a small satellite dish. You have to set frequencies for the transmitter and the receiver, so that your signal reaches it's required destination. Check out the video given below for an in depth explanation.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


Tech Guns

The Tech Guns mod introduces battle royale to Minecraft. Minecraft is usually considered to be a survival game, where players must spend nights surviving the mobs, building, and keeping themselves safe. With this mod, you can have fun playing hide and seek and attacking bases with your friends.This mod adds battle and war items into Minecraft, including guns, launchers, helicopters, cars, saws, and many more fighting items. This mod also adds many new structures into the world, which include the bases and the crafts. You can find the underwater bases and the ships in the middle of the seas, that were captured by the armed forces equipped with powerful armor and machine guns.You can explore a lot more than what can be explained in words, as this mod adds hundreds of tools, armors, and other items into the game.

Einstine Pc


If you are into technical Minecraft, or if you simply love building functional machines and systems, the BuildCraft mod will enhance your gameplay experience. The mod adds several new items that you can play around with to design efficient machines that will make your game much more cooler and easier. Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


Ranged Pumps

Ranged Pumps is a pump mod that pumps liquid in a small user-specified range. There is one block, and it's in its own creative tab. The block is just called "Pump".You can place the pump in the middle of a lake (stacked on top of blocks) and right-click to activate it and over time, click right-click to view the status. It requires 32000 Forge Energy (100 per block). If you do not have the 32000 Forge Energy, it will tell you you have insufficient energy and won't work unless you have the energy disabled in the config. If you have Mekanism Immersive engineering installed, you can use it to create Forge Energy to operate the pump.The pump requires you do NOT have a Redstone signal. If you have a Redstone signal, this will stop working.The liquids collected will be in the form of buckets. The size of the tank by default is 32 buckets, but this amount can be changed in the config as well. If the tank is full, it will stop. When a liquid is pumped, by default, it is replaced with stone unless turned off in the config. If one pump is full, it will auto-push to nearby tanks. The pump goes from top to bottom. The default range is 64x64 blocks (though this can be changed in the config) and goes from the Y location of the pump all the way to bedrock.Pumps are not affected by chunk loading since they are not chunk loaded.


Storage Drawers

Storage Drawers is a mod which adds specialised storage drawers into the game. The ideas of Jabba and Bibliocraft influence it. They are compact and serve a particular æsthetic function separate from these mods, more complementary than competitive. Instead of a traditional inventory system, you use a click-based interaction system similar to Jabba. Different click combos do various tasks. Right-clicking: Puts a full stack of the item in your hand into the drawer (if it can’t fill the full stack, it will put as much as it can) Double Right Clicking: Puts all compatible stacks from an inventory to a drawer until it fills or you run out of items. Left Click: Removes a single item from the selected drawer. Shift Left Click: Removes a full stack from the selected drawer Shift Right Click with an empty hand: Opens the selected drawer’s UI to see the items, their quantities, and the ability to upgrade the drawer. Note for players of the Jabba mod: The shift-click functionality is reversed from Jabba due to Jabba being more optimised for stacks while Storage Drawers is more optimised for single items; however, the controls can be customised in the config. You can use multiple different vanilla wood variants (add-ons can add custom variants which many mods do), and there are numerous different sizes, with the biggest supporting 32 stacks. The upgrade path is not sequential; you can jump levels to your preferred size. You can also lock your drawers with keys to protect your stacks. There are indicators on the storage drawers to indicate how full they are, and they light up when it is full. There is another type of drawer, which is grey, called Storage Drawers. These let you automatically convert things like ingots and similar items into storage block formats or other items based on repeated items used to make another item, which is common in many tech configurations. You can also combine drawer inventories via a Drawer Controller and connect drawers via pipes or trims (a wood decorative panel block used to connect), which allows you to interact with large groups of drawers. Controllers can also be used as deposit-only blocks for items that already exist in the network and will be done if you double right-click. The drawer controller is similar to that of Refined Storage’s network system. One kind of drawer is a Controller Slave, similar to a drawer but cannot be shared; however, controller slaves have better performance than traditional drawers.Storage Drawers has integration with lots of mods and also has lots of add-ons (especially 1.10.2 and newer). Storage Drawers is supposed to be a complementary storage mod, not a replacement one. Storage Drawers are supposed to be used with other mods. Storage Drawers are also typical in many tech setups for their ease of use and auto compression. Drawers complement BiblioCraft’s blocks.Drawers worth with Jabba’s Dolly Aspect labels exist for Thaumcraft for hard-to-distinguish items related to essentia Drawers are compatible with AE2s storage buses, and it is the suggested way for seeing contents WAILIA will list the inventories and counts of DrawersA MineTeaker exists to help control the ore conversion allowlist/denylist. Compact drawers list the number of items that can be made, even if they can not all exist simultaneously. The mod has an extensive config which allows you to change many of the values and even whether or not a block should be enabled. It is possible to modify this from MC Forge’s config screen. You are also allowed to include this in modpacks, including public ones. Note: Chameleon is required for the 1.8-1.12 versions of the mod. 


Small Reactors

Small Reactors is a tech mod that adds bunch of new tech related blocks and items into Minecraft. Here's a list of items added by the mod :Ores:-Silver: Spawns like gold. Used for alloys, power components and one of the starter generators-Zinc: Spawns in uncommon but larger veins in the higher regions of the world. Used for alloys and upgrade kits-Bismuth: Spawns uncommonly in the lower regions of the world. Used for alloys, radiation shielding and RF containment-Apatite: Spawns rarely around sea level in large veins. Used to make phosphate fertilizer and as a source of fluorine-Brimstone: Spawns in large common veins all over the nether. Used to make sulfuric acid, mainly for processing apatite-Spodumene: Spawns rarely around diamond level. Can be refined into Lithium using an advanced processing chain-Bauxite: Spawns in uncommon but large veins in the higher regions of the world. With the help of cryolite obtained as byproduct of crushing redstone ore, it can be refined into Aluminium-Rock Salt: Spawns in large clumps similar to andesite. Used to make Brine which can be processed into Sodium Hydroxide and Chlorine Generators:-Stirling engine: Burns furnace fuel, generating 20RF/t. Smart enough to not waste fuel as long as it fits inside its buffer.-Steam engine: Turns steam into RF at 40RF/t.-Gas engine: Burns fluid fuels, generating 80RF/t. Can be upgraded to boost its efficiency and power by 50% in the form of steam. A steam engine can be stacked up top to make use of the steam.-Fuel Cell engine:Burns high purity fuels. Its expensive and slow, generating only 20RF/t but has a base +50% efficiency while still being able to take the upgrade from the gas engine for +125%efficiency. Can also be upgraded to double its output, but only accept hydrogen as fuel.-Lightning engine: Harnesses lightning strikes from a connected lightning rod, generating 1000000RF per bolt at 160RF/t. It discharges even if there is no place for the energy to go and cant receive a new bolt until the last one has been consumed.-WIP RF management:-Basic energy cell: Stores 1.000.000RF and can transfer 320RF/t. Retains power when broken. Configurable siding including a balance mode which balances power between connected cells.-Advanced energy cell: Stores 16.000.000Rf and can transfer 5120RF/t-WIP Machines:-Redstone Furnace: Uses RF to smelt things. Equally as efficient but twice as fast. Upgrades available to turn it into a smoker or blast furnace.-Alloy Smelter: Makes Alloys. it should be obvious what the alloys are made from-Crusher: Crushes ore blocks into raw ores at fortune 3 equivalent. upgrade available to boost to fortune 4. Crushes raw ores into dusts at 1.25x plus secondary. some metals can only be obtained this way.-Water source: Fills nearby tanks with water-Geothermal Well: Turns water into steam by slowly solidifying underground lava in a 4x4 chunk area. outputs from the top, makes enough steam to power a steam engine. does not work in the nether.-Chemical Reactor: Can be used to gassify coal and wood/kelp into syngas, a gaseous fuel for advanced engines. The process is only ~77% efficient but the gas engine can be upgraded to offset that. Syngas can also be further reformed into hydrogen. Biomass based syngas has better hydrogen generating efficiency. The order of ingredients matters: Carbon goes in first slot, oxygen in the second and steam in the third. For hydrogen syngas goes in the first and steam in the third.-Pressurized Absorption Swinger: extracts oxygen from the air for a minor amount of RF.-Biogas Reactor: Turns compostables into biogas. Not as efficient as other mods biofuel chains but can run on any compostable junk.-Electrolyzer: splits an input fluid into 2 to 3 outputs. Used to refine Aluminium and Lithium. Can also make hydrogen from water but the round trip efficiency is only 50%. It can use up to 320RF/t-Magma Crucible: turns a solid into a molten output. used in the refining of Aluminium and Lithium-WIP  Misc:-Wrench: Used to rotate engines and configure the sides on the energy cell-Gas Vent: Releases a gas into the atmosphere. Try not to vent the waste Chlorine from Lithium refining-Destabilized Redstone: Made by striking redstone blocks with lightning via a lightning rod. Used in making the advanced energy cell and some alloysTake a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


Assorted Tech

The Assorted Tech mod improves upon the technical aspect of the game by adding a bunch of blocks and items around tech. The current version of the mod adds the following :Glowstone Torch:Is a simple torch that will light up if it is powered.Flip Flop Torch:Works just like a flip-flop logic gate, provide it power it holds it. Power it again and it no longer is providing power.Sensors:Sensors are block types that scan the area they are facing and will become powered if they see an entity of their type in view of their range.You are able to adjust the range of the sensor by right-clicking and shift-right clicking on them with an empty hand.You can also view the range by right clicking on them with a redstone torch. The area will be green if there are no blocks blocking the range and red if so.These are the sensor types available :Wood - Any entityStone - Living entitiesIron - Player entitiesMossy Cobblestone - Monster entitiesPrismarine - Water Animals and any entities in the entity_type tag (assortedtech:sensors/water)Gold - Item entitiesEmerald - Villager entitiesNetherrack - Any entities in the entity_type tag (assortedtech:sensors/nether)Cobweb - Any entities in the entity_type tag (assortedtech:sensors/arthropods)End Stone - Any entities in the entity_type tag (assortedtech:sensors/end)Hay Bale - Any entities in the entity_type tag (assortedtech:sensors/pets)Feather - Any entities in the entity_type tag (assortedtech:sensors/flying) Spikes:These are a block that when powered will start damaging any entity within the hitbox. They can be placed on any side of the block.These support all vanilla materials as well as those that Assorted Core supports.Fans:These are blocks that can push/pull entities or blow/suck. They have a GUI that you can open to adjust the range and the mode that they currently are set to.When powered with redstone they will turn off. The air particles they emit can be disabled in the config as well as the speed and max range of the fans.Bridges:Laser Bridges in Minecraft. These have 5 varieties that each do different things and some are able to move the player automatically.Gravity:Multiple blocks that allow you manipulate gravity and push/pull/gravitate entities in a range. With directional variants as well as being able to wear armor so that you are not affected.Alarm:An Alarm Box that when powered can play one of 14 different sounds.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


Modular Routers

Modular Routers adds a few new items into your game. These items can be used for a variety of new wireless signalling purposes. Some of these uses include :pull items from an inventory (including modded inventories like Storage Drawers)send them to other inventories near & farplace items as blocksbreak blocksdrop items into the worldabsorb dropped itemsfling items across the worldsort items (including some sophisticated filters, more than just item/meta/NBT matching)void unwanted itemsremotely interact with your player inventoryextend & retract lines of blocks (drawbridges!)If you are into redstone or like building machines, this mod will let you have a lot of fun. You can build useful contraptions and machines for various purposes using this mod.This is a Forge mod and download links are given below.


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