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In this page you will discover amazing Minecraft Biomes tagged mods. Flick through countless useful content dedicated for Minecraft game that includes mods, shaders, maps and textures. Only the best and most popular additions come into our list and they promise to give an fascinating experience to any minecraft player

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Darker Depth

The Darker Depth mod is all about transforming the Minecraft cave experience. This mod introduces new biomes to caves, each with its own unique look and feel. These biomes will make cave exploration more exciting, attractive, and visually appealing. To light up these new cave biomes, the Darker Depth mod adds light-emitting mushrooms, mushroom trees, and other types of trees. These new light sources not only make the caves more beautiful, but they also provide a practical function, making it easier to navigate the dark underground. Overall, the Darker Depth mod breathes new life into Minecraft's caves. With its new biomes and light sources, cave exploration becomes more enjoyable and rewarding. If you're a fan of underground adventures, then the Darker Depth mod is definitely worth checking out.

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Shrines Structures

The Shrines Structure mod is all about adding new structures to Minecraft without removing the game’. Unlike other mods that may modify existing structures, this mod introduces entirely new ones that fit seamlessly into the Minecraft world. One of the standout features of this mod is that you can find these new structures in all three biomes of the Minecraft world, which makes exploration even more exciting. These shrines are designed to be both visually appealing, and they provide a unique challenge for players to explore and conquer. Overall, the Shrines Structure mod is a great way to add more variety and excitement to your Minecraft gameplay experience. With its well-designed shrines and their placement throughout the world, this mod is sure to keep you engaged and entertained for hours.

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Serene Shrubbery

Serene Shrubbery is a mod that focuses on adding a touch of nature to Minecraft. The mod features a wide variety of new flowers that can be found in all biomes of the overworld, transforming the previously barren landscapes into vibrant and colorful gardens.With Serene Shrubbery, players can create beautiful and serene gardens that enhance the natural beauty of the game. The addition of these new flora elements breathes new life into Minecraft, making it feel more alive and dynamic.If you're a fan of Minecraft's natural beauty and want to add some more life to your world, Serene Shrubbery is the mod for you!

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Terrestria is a massive blocks and biomes mod which adds a massive collection of new blocks and biomes. There are many different blocks added from the various different types of trees and saplings added. It is one of the bigger content mods for Fabric and is a Fabric/Quilt exclusive. It adds many new types of trees including Pink Trees and Rainbow trees. There are also many other types of plants such as cacti. There is one cactus which you can build free form into a bunch of different shapes, which is an improvement over the extremely rigid vanilla cactus. Under good conditions, these trees can grow within seconds without the need for any bone meal. Many of the trees are very tall and have lots of leave and many of them are in special shapes. There is also a tool which can flip logs, so if you want a log on the side all you need to do is make this tool and right-click the log you want to flip on the side and it will flip the log onto the side. There are also a large number of underground plats which can stick out of the water.Many of these plants and trees can be found within the large number of biomes that the mod spawns in. They spawn quite often, upon loading the mod in an existing world, after just a tiny bit of moving to find a new testing spot I just happened to run into one of the biomes by chance, meaning they are quite plentiful. One of the coolest natural wonders you can find in the mod is the volcano, which we came across it is massive and has a lot of lava.Outside of plants, there are also a few stone variants which are mostly dark but look cool.Many of the wood and stone variants have different gear (e.g. planks and chests etc) associated with them to add a new collection of gear. It is also known to be compatible with Every Compat so can be used to make other items from the wood variants based on the other mods installed.This mod may not have as many biomes as Biomes o Plenty but in many ways, the biomes are of higher quality and provide more details per biome and the biomes are generally more interesting. There are still over 17 biomes in new versions and there are a lot of sister mods such as Traverse, Cinderscapes, and Companion. Additionally, the owner, Coderbot, is also the creator of Iris Shaders. You can view their wiki to get more information about each specific biome or images or contributing information.


Gardens Of The Dead

The "Gardens of the Dead" mod is a spooky and exciting addition to Minecraft. It adds new biomes to the Nether, such as the Soulblight Forest and the Whistling Woods. These biomes are filled with scary and creepy plants and decorations that make the game even more exciting. One of the most notable features of this mod is the new plants and trees. These include spooky trees with twisted branches and glowing vines, as well as new decorative blocks like gravestones and bone piles. These additions make exploring the new biomes even more thrilling.

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Moolands is a mod that adds new terrain and two new mobs in Minecraft. The terrain is quite diverse and provides a unique experience to the player. To get to the Moolands, you need to make a portal frame out of Glowstone and light it up with a milk bucket.Once you enter Moolands, you will meet Awful Cows, which you can saddle up and ride. These cows are pretty fast and can jump high. But keep in mind that being outside the Moolands will make them slower and less nimble. So if you want to show off your cow riding skills, you better do it in Moolands.Moolands has more than just the awful cows. It also has some interesting buildings. There are mushrooms houses that generate with a loot chest in them. 

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Terraqueous is a mod that adds a lot of new content to Minecraft. With this mod, players can enjoy a wide range of new features including new fruit trees, beautiful flowers, decorative items, and more. The mod aims to enhance the natural beauty of the game and adds unique items to the Minecraft world.One of the features of this mod are the fruit trees that spawn in the world. You can find fruit trees such as apple, pear, peach, mango, orange, lemon, cherry, plum, coconut, and banana. Each tree has its oen unique wood, fences, and doors, providing you with more building options.The mod also adds blocks for building which include pergolas, the roof, lattice fence, and a lattice fence gate. The mod changes the appearance of the pergolas blocks based on the surrounding pieces, and you can choose from various colors. You can also create the flying houses and castles using the cloud blocks.In addition to the fruit trees and pergolas, Terraqueous adds sixteen different colored flowers that you can use for decoration to create the dye. You can also find types of planter pots for additional decoration.

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Promenade is an exploration and biomes mod that adds a bunch of new features and biomes, as well as other decorative things. It makes the world more diverse, and the new biomes are based on real-life trees from around the world that are not found in traditional Minecraft but still look good none the less.There are a few main biomes; most of them are distinguished by the trees (which are shown in the pictures in vanilla biomes).The  Cherry Oak forests have these pink trees that have pink leaves with     cherries in them (though breaking the leaves does not always     guarantee a cherry). The trees in this biome are Japanese Cherry     Blossoms, and the biomes are pretty simple outside of that. They are     more distinguishable from other trees in the mod due to their bright     pink texture, and these trees can commonly be found in modded     servers such as LadEarth.Carnelian Treeway has maple trees, which have brownish orange leaves and can     be found a lot, maple trees also often have a birch base, making     them a good, possibly better looking source of birch wood.Dark Amaranth Forests are forests with trees that are dark orange with a     brown stump, darker than most other trees.Palm trees, which can be found in deserts or their own biome, are very     tall trees with brownish green leaves and, in many cases, a slight     bend (unlike some of their tall real-life counterparts).Ducks in the plains and rivers, capybaras in swamps and rivers (though we couldn't find them in our version), sunken skeletons (found in oceans), and lush creepers in caves are also mobs. These mobs are, for the most part, extensions of vanilla mobs, such as the duck being similar to a chicken and the monsters having vanilla variants. Capybaras are probably the most original if you can find them, and they have two variants (brown and albino). They are said to be large rodents that can sleep and wake up at dawn. The model is a little like a pig.Ducks also have 2 variants, the "penkin", which is in the plains and forests, and the "mallard," which is in the plains, rivers, and swamps, each with their own appearance that looks similar to real-life ducks. Mallard is green, and penkin is yellow or white.Varieties of mobs can be summoned with commands.There are also a plethora of other smaller decorative blocks, items, and plants that can help make the world more interesting if you come across them, and unlike some other biomes mods like Biomes O Plenty or Oh the Biomes You'll Go, this is not an overly bloated mod that adds a plethora of useless biomes and wood variants you will not need (and prevents some mobs from spawning, making the game boring at times), instead having a fewThere is a wiki for Promenade. Though the wiki is a fairly basic GitBook wiki that is mostly like a slide show that is not fully complete, it is still good and does still provide many pictures and details about the mod on the newest version.Promenade requires the Dawn API, which is also used in many of the other mods by the authors of Promenade and provides many features. On newer fabric/quilt versions of the mod, you will also need TerraBlender because of missing FabricAPI Modules; the Minecraft Forge version of the mod does not need this though and does not currently exist.


Regions Unexplored

The release of Minecraft 1.18 has been a true blessing for world-gen mods, as you can see with the release of mods like this one.Regions Unexplored adds a massive amount of new biomes, blocks, plants and flair to your world, all perfectly integrated into the game. From the imposing Spires to the glistening Prisma Chasm.Most of the new biomes are in the Overworld, but you can find some of them in the Nether too. It's important to keep in mind that most of the content of this mod is decorative and purely here to make your world feel more interesting and alive, so if you're looking for shiny armors and weapons, you may want to try something else.This is a Forge mod and Download links are given below.


Ad Astra!

Welcome to the space odyssey of your dreams! With Ad Astra, your world will be gifted with the means required to explore the deepest reaches of space and maybe even conquer them!To get started, be sure to craft the mod's manual and check its contents out, as it will give you some general tips regarding its progression and mechanics. Done? Good, now we can get started with the mod's actual contents.First of all, you'll want to acquire a Coal Generator and the Compressor, machines that you will use to make plates. Plates are a vital component in Ad Astra and you should get used to making tons of them. Cabling is made out of steel, which can be crafted by smelting Iron ingots.You will also need to make a machine that turns water into oxygen and another one that turns Oil, a fluid that can be found in the ocean, into Fuel. It is worth mentioning that fuel is NOT renewable and should be used with care.To go to the moon, the first cellestial body you can explore, you'll have to craft a landing pad and a rocket, which is made in the NASA workbench crafting station. Alongside that, please be sure to craft a Space Suit.It'll be expensive, and each trip will take tons of fuel, but the Lunar depths are the only place in which you can find Desh Ore, a mineral that is critical to this mod's progression. Of course, setting up a moon base is no easy feat, as it's an airless planet. You can actually mitigate this problem by setting up an oxygen production system with the Oxygen Distributor machine. 


Good Ending

Good Ending is a wonderful Vanilla Style mod that adds a whole lot of tweaks to vanilla biomes, a few new props that will appear on your world(such as boulders of all stone types), and blocks to come with that. It also brings a few new mobs to the table, such as Woodpeckers, swarms of Fireflies and the Marsh swamp monster. Fireflies can be used to make lanterns or transported with bottles to be placed wherever you want, and the Marsh is actually a scared-y little creature that allows you to coat your weaponry in potion effects.Besides the new mobs, this mod also adds multiple new forms of existing trees that grow when you plant their saplings on specific blocks, like the comforting yet somewhat exotic Muddy Oak Tree and its planks, stairs, etc. Speaking of wood sets, Good Ending also adds Cypress Trees, which have orange planks and a white bark. Lilypads have been changed to not break when you row your boat through them, and multiple new forms of them have also been added, having flowers of different colors. Cattails and all sorts of colored flower patches will also appear in your world.



The Mod Vampirism aims to add Magic to the Minecraft world. With this mod, you can find many new items and mobs added in the game related to dark/black magic. You can find custom blocks and biomes around the World. These Biomes are darker than typical Vanilla biomes, with black trees and dark-coloured Flowers.You can also find the hunters’ camps in the plains or between the forests, with the hunters nearby, that can kill you on sight. They can hunt the animals and the villagers and convert them to their cursed variant with bloody eyes. They can attack animals like cows, mules, donkeys, horses, etc.With the addition of the Vampires, the nights are no safer for players to go on adventures, as these mobs attack the players and are speedy. They are divided into different levels, like the trade villagers. With higher levels, their armor and specs increase. You can kill them to get powerful armor and tools.

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Realistic Terrain Generation

The Realistic Terrain Generation Mod gives you the oppurtunity to traverse mesmerizing landscapes and breathtaking mountains in the 1.12 versions of Minecraft. The 1.12 world generation is pretty boring with no good detailing and broadly repetitive patterns of world features. But this mod changes all of that. Just take a look at the screenshots to see how mindblowing the world generation is with this mod.This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.



As the name suggests, the Environmental mod modifies the biomes to improve the environment of the Minecraft Overworld. This mod adds many new biomes, blocks, flowers, and mobs to the game. These mobs spawn in the specific biomes added by the mod.You can now find cherries and blossom trees in the cherry blossom biome, that randomly gernerates in the world. In addition, you can also find other colourful biomes, which contain coloured trees, including red, white, black, green and more.You can also find new friendly animals in the world with this mob. These mobs include Ducks, Foxes, and Dears. These mobs are friendly and don’t attack the players. With this mod, you can also find bush biomes, which adds hundreds of large bushes and mushrooms.

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Mystical World

Mystical World mod adds new mobs and structures in Minecraft world. With Mystical World, you can find abandoned homes in any biomes, randomly generated, and capture them to live in. You can also get some good items, including rare armor to protect yourself from predators.Mystical World adds new mobs, both tamable and scary. You can find the new ores in mines and make better armor and tools to make your survival easy.

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