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The Golden Isles

The Golden Isles is a fantasy project by 3 friends: Battleborn, HenkJanIV and Tobi. The world will be filled with structures and environment made in survival mode. This project will be taking its time before its done but a download will be availabl...

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Zelda Battle Arena

  Zelda Battle Arena 2.6For Minecraft 1.14.3! Zelda Battle Arena is a reboot of a very old map for Minecraft 1.9. This map features dynamic loot and wave systems, monsters with custom AI and models, shops with custom items and weapons, and eve...

WASD Build Team
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Agents Mod Beta 1.9

It Is A Very Huge Mod That Is Atleast, Monthly Updated. It Requires Agent7 Core At The Link This Mod Transform Minecraft In A New Universe Of Magic And Battle. Its Purpose Is To Ressemble A Story I Made(No Need To Search, It Is Not Yet Online). When...