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Additional Ender Items

Additional Ender Items is a mod that introduces a variety of new items to the game. As the name suggests, all of these items are End dimension themed. Let's take a look at these items one by one.Warped Pearl Bundle: Holds up to 256 ender pearls, refillable by crouching or crafting.Dragon Charge: Explodes into Dragon's Breath, can be dispenser-fired.Ender Torch: Self-placing torch, travels up to 20 blocks forward (configurable), no surrounding blocks needed.Disenchantment Table: Removes any enchantment, including curses, at a high cost.Ender Jukebox: Plays music discs continuously, even at an infinite distance. Stops when disc is ejected or block is destroyed. Warp Portal: Instant one-way teleport to any End location. Place one in the End and one in the Overworld, fueled by ender pearls and eyes (configurable charge).Please take a look at the screenshots to get an idea of what you can expect from this mod. It's important to note that this is a Forge mod, and you can find the download links below. Make sure to read the installation instructions carefully for a smooth experience.


Ender Compass

Are your Ender eyes stuck in the walls? Frustrated with Ender eyes breaking when trying to locate a portal? Say goodbye to these worries, as the Ender Compass is here to solve all your problems!No more aimlessly wandering around to locate the end portal - the Ender compass will lead the way, making traveling to the portal a breeze. Gone are the days of getting lost in the vastness of the game world. With the Ender compass in hand, you can confidently embark on your quests, knowing that every step will bring you closer to your destination.So how can you use the Ender Compass ?First, you need to craft an Ender Compass using the recipe given below. The compass is basically a glass cage with an Eye of Ender floating in it. While floating in the circular glass cage, the Eye of Ender tends to along towards a certain direction. This direction represent the direction in which you should move in order to find a stronghold. This essentially works just like a regular compass, and here the Eye of Ender is analogous to the Red needle in a regular compass.You have to follow the Eye of Ender's direction for a while until it aligns itself to the center of the glass cage. This means that you are standing exactly on top of a stronghold. You can simply dig down to enter the stronghold.Please take a look at the screenshots to get an idea of what you can expect from this mod. It's important to note that this is a Forge mod, and you can find the download links below. Make sure to read the installation instructions carefully for a smooth experience.


Shrines Structures

The Shrines Structure mod is all about adding new structures to Minecraft without removing the game’. Unlike other mods that may modify existing structures, this mod introduces entirely new ones that fit seamlessly into the Minecraft world. One of the standout features of this mod is that you can find these new structures in all three biomes of the Minecraft world, which makes exploration even more exciting. These shrines are designed to be both visually appealing, and they provide a unique challenge for players to explore and conquer. Overall, the Shrines Structure mod is a great way to add more variety and excitement to your Minecraft gameplay experience. With its well-designed shrines and their placement throughout the world, this mod is sure to keep you engaged and entertained for hours.

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Enderling Invaders

Enderling Invaders, as the name suggests, introduces new creatures, Enderlings and Endersent, that were previously only found in Minecraft Dungeons. Along with them, some new custom Enderlings have also been added to the game. The Enderlings and Endersent drop new items and provide new advancements, making the game even more interesting and challenging for players. This mod adds a new dimension to the game, and gives players the chance to explore and encounter new creatures. Overall, the Enderling Invaders mod is a great addition to the game for those who are looking for more variety in creatures and items. It adds a whole new level of adventure and exploration, and will keep players engaged for hours on end.

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The Explorify mod adds new structures to the world of Minecraft. These structures have been constructed to match the style of the game and make exploring more fun and interesting. The mod doesn't just add simple houses or dungeons; it also makes new, interesting things. The structures are also made to fit in well with the land around them, so they don't stick out or make your world look bad. You can also get loot from the structures as a reward for exploring them. Explorify is compatible with all kinds of mods, making it a great addition to any Minecraft game.

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Unusual End

Unusual End is a mod that seeks to bring excitement and variety to the otherwise dull End dimension in Minecraft. The mod introduces new mobs, biomes, and plants to the End world, making the journey through the End much more interesting and engaging. One of the most notable additions in this mod is the Ender Golem, a new mob that can be found in the End city. This powerful creature is there to defend the city from predators, making looting the End city more challenging and rewarding. In addition to the Ender Golem, Unusual End also adds new biomes to the End, such as the End Forest and End Mountains. These new biomes are home to unique plants and creatures that can only be found in the End dimension. Unusual End is a great mod for players who are looking to add some excitement and variety to their End adventures in Minecraft.

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Endermen Plus

Endermen Plus is a mod that brings a bunch of new endermen to your Minecraft world. These endermen are scattered around the world and can be found in random places. They can be seen picking up blocks, but don't let their nonchalant behavior fool you. If you try to attack them, they will become aggressive and hunt you down! What's cool about this mod is that these new endermen can also be friendly if you leave them undisturbed. So, it's up to you whether you want to make friends with these eerie creatures or avoid them at all costs. But that's not all. You can also find their bases and see how they live in the world. This mod adds a lot of new content to the game, making your Minecraft experience even more exciting!

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Awesome Dungeon The End

The "Awesome Dungeon The End" mod enhances the end dimension in Minecraft by adding various structures with an end theme. These structures include pyramids, castles, and homes, all of which contain challenging dungeons filled with mobs and valuable loot. Unlike other mods that may introduce new blocks or items, this mod uses the vanilla Minecraft blocks to maintain the natural look and feel of the game. With this mod, players can explore the end dimension in a new and exciting way, with challenging dungeons and unique structures to discover.

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End Remastered

End Remastered is a mod that spices up the Minecraft End biome. In this mod, finding the portal to enter the End biome isn't as easy as finding the Eye of Ender and activating it. Instead, players must embark on a challenging journey to find 12 different types of Eye of Enders scattered throughout the world. Once players collect all 12 types of eyes, they must locate the castle containing the unique portal and activate it by placing each type of Eye of Ender in it. End Remastered also adds other structures to the game, giving players even more obstacles to overcome in their quest to reach the End. If you're looking for a speedrun challenge with an added twist and high difficulty, this mod is perfect for you.

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Enderscape is an End enhancement mod designed to make the end more enjoyable with things like new biomes, items, mobs, blocks, decorations, and more. While the end is normally pretty boring, especially in newer updates with the islands, this mod tries to make the end more fun, a lot like the overworld but with more of an end theme.Some of the biomes include theCelestial Plains, which is kind of like a mushroom biome with lots of brown plants, tall blank mushrooms, and various end mobsCorrupt Depths is a biome found beneath the end islands with strange plants and glowing stalactites from top to bottom.And a lot moreThey contain a bunch of different items that can be used as decoration for your base; often with a purple or brown theme, the plants would make a good addition to the garden. There is also a new material called Nebulite which has special abilities, and a mirror, which also has special abilities. Both can be used in conjunction with the cauldrons. Lots of the stuff is celestial themed, like many other mods that add things at the end. This mod has different variations for its blocks, like the ability to build things like signs and doors.There are three main new mobs added; two of them are Drifters and Rubblemites. The drifters look like a combination of jellyfish and mushrooms and fly in the plains, while Rubblemites are brown creatures that are small and roam the floor.The mod in general makes the End look very nice, and it looks even nicer with shaders, such as Nostalgia Shaders.The content in this mod is much more quality of life based and is not as overkill as other end overhaul mods such as BetterEnd; you do not even get to the modded biomes until you venture out, and the mobs are not very powerful and easy to kill with vanilla gear, and the drops are also not overly powerful, making this a good Vanilla Plus Friendly end overhaul mod, though it can still be used in conjunction with other end mOutside of the Fabric API/Quilted Fabric API, BCLib is also required. BCLib has a lot of features, such as custom worldgen, especially in other dimensions such as the End via BetterX. When starting the game with BCLib for the first time, you will get a configuration screen giving you many options, such as the ability to turn off the BetterX world generator, the ability to turn off the Unsupported Settings Screen (similar to Shutup Experimental Settings! and Disable Custom Worlds Advice), and more, though it only comes up once.


Complementary Reimagined

Complementary Reimagined is the version of the Complimentary Shader Pack designed for low-end devices. This Shader pack is the best choice for players who seek to have the best gaming experience with good graphics. This shader pack improves the way the game looks and makes it perfect for the users to have fun with high quality visuals.This shader adds the effect of the reflection and improves the game’s clouds, sunrise effects, and lightning effects of the game. With this shader pack, you can see the reflection of sunlight on many blocks. The night sky in the snow adds polar lights to the game, providing a fantastic user experience. You can also modify the settings of this shader pack and edit properties such as exposure, contrast, reflections, etc.In short, you will have a fantastic experience with this shader pack.

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Nourished End

As the name suggests, the Nourished End mod nourishes the End Dimension in your Minecraft World. The normal End Dimension in Minecraft has remained unchanged for years, making playing in the End boring. But with this mod, you can enjoy advanced gameplay with many new features added to the End world.The Nourished End mod modifies the End world spawn and adds many new blocks to the End, which includes the purple end block, which has many variants like the standard End block. You can also find crystal in the End world, which can be used to craft armor and tools and is more powerful than other items.The End dimension is dark and barely has any light source or block, but this mod adds a new light blocks and replaces the chorus flower with the Light emitting flowers, which makes the view very beautiful and fun to play.

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The Endergetics mod modifies the Minecraft End Dimension. The mod adds new biomes and structures to Minecraft's End dimension. The ordinary Minecraft End is made of limited blocks and has only one mob; the Enderman. But with this mod, you can find many new mobs added to the End.The Endergetics mod also adds new trees to the Minecraft world. The newly added biomes consist of dark blocks and light trees. Some of the mobs in the mod include:Flying FrogsLiving BalloonsAlive flowersAnd many more

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The Outer End mod improves the end dimension in your Minecraft world. The normal Minecraft End Biome is boring and has only limited blocks and structures. But with this mod, the end biome becomes better. This mod also introduces many new features to the Minecraft End biome.With Outer End mod, you can find new glowing trees that lighten up the dark biome and some crystals that glow, making them look exceptional. With this mod, you will also come across mazes in the End dimension, which contain hidden rewards and loot. It also adds new mobs, including purpur golem, Ender Dog, and flies.

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L_Ender 's Cataclysm

L Ender's Cataclysm mod adds new bosses to your Minecraft world. With the Cataclysm mod, you can find dungeons in the End and Nether Dimensions. Like fortresses and mineshafts, these new structures and dungeons are rare and difficult to find.In the End, you will find the dungeons surrounded by end beetles, which can also climb walls. Entering the dungeon, you can find loot in one of the corners of the building. Exploring more, you can find a trap door leading to the basement.There you can find the sleeping Ender Golem. Moving infront of it or hitting it will awaken them and make them attack the player. They are massive in size and can kill players with a few hits. When killed, Ender golem drops the amulet, which can be used to damage mobs from longer distances.Mining below it will get you to another battlefield. Once you touch the ground, it will summon another boss called End Guardian. They have a gauntlet that can attract the players and mobs next to them, which makes it challenging to find cover during the fight. Killing the End Guardian gives the Gauntlet, which you can use to attract and catch mobs.Similarly, in the Nether, you can find the dungeons and their mob bosses with some special equipments and abilities. You can get those items and rule the dimension by killing them.  

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