Texture Packs for Minecraft 1.14.1

Find out some of the amazing texture packs for Minecraft version 1.14.1. Texture packs revamp your Minecraft world to look different than vanilla. So texture packs change every part of the game, while others bring slight modifications to blocks or items. On this page, you can discover all kinds of texture packs, including stylistic, realistic, flat, cartoonish and etc.

MB3D Items Pack

The MB3D Items Pack gives all the in-game items a 3D appearance when they are in their item form. Dropped items will be 3D, instead of being the classic flat 2D. Placing these items onto a item frame will give appearance to beautiful 3D effects that will make way for plenty of decoration work.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this pack. Download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


The Asphyxious

The developers of the Asphyxious Resource Pack have designed this pack with one thing in mind; to bring creepy and horror elements into the game. With new designs for texture across the entire game, players will find that there is some really spooky details in the design of this pack. The light, designs, and other features of the game have been altered to be as low-lighted as possible. This will make you watch every step as you move around. All of the blocks, game textures, and other items were designed from the start so that they would provide the level of surprise the developers wanted. This pack is designed for the native 16x resolution, making it very simple to run.



BlockPixel is one of the most unique texture packs in the game. It keeps the style from default textures combining with a Pixel twist. The textures remind you of graphics from old games, because the design is very simple. Thanks to the simple graphics, the included cartoon style also fits perfectly. You can see 3D textures in some places in your world. However, this is limited to rails and plants only, because even more realistic textures would not fit into the pack. It doesn’t matter if you use a powerful or a weak device for gaming, because due to the 16x resolution no operating system in the world will have a problem with BlockPixel.


Classic 3D

Vanilla Minecraft is good, but Classic 3D is a game changer! If you play with this pack, you will notice that almost all the blocks are in 3D. Basically, they are still the standard Minecraft textures, but with more details and more complex surfaces. All blocks look more beautiful and if you look very closely you will see a lot of new 3D elements, which takes your gameplay to another level.



Stoneborn is a simple texture pack that only affects the in-game GUI. With this pack installed, your GUI will now have a dark-medieval appearance. The dark theme will be very convenient for people who are used to using dark theme on their devices. The pack gives your GUI a majestic appearance that stands out from other GUI packs.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this pack. Download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.



UltimaCraft is one of the most popular Minecraft texture packs available. The pack is unique for the attention it gives to detail. My favourite elements of the pack are the stones/sticks lying on the ground and the smooth borders between different blocks. You can find stones and sticks lying on the ground here and there. You can also find some green flower like substance along with them. In the nether, you will come across netherrack stones lying around. These are small additions, but they really do add to the amount of detail that you have in your game. Next, we have smooth transistion between different blocks. If you have a grass block and stone block next to one another, the border between them will be smooth, rather than a solid line like in vanilla. Some grass will overgrow onto the stone, making the transistion look smoother and realistic. Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this pack.The download links given below will take you to the official curseforge files page of this pack. You can download your required version of this pack from there.


Better Campfire

Better Campfire is a texture pack that completely changes the textures of the normal campfire and soul campfire in Minecraft. The new textures are much more three dimensional and detailed than the vanilla ones. The new textures consist of stones placed in a circular formation. The fire is burning in the centre of this formation. These new campfires are much more realistic and can be nice addition to your detailed builds. Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this pack.Download linksa re given below.



Alacrity is a texture pack that gives crazy attention to detail. The pack offers good quality 32x32 textures that look detailed and realistic. The 32x32 resolution is twice as much as the vanilla 16x16 textures. The pack offers random variations for almost all blocks in the game. The first thing you will notice when using this pack is the texture of the leaves. Most texture packs only changes the appearance of the leaves without changing it's block shape. But this pack changes that by giving a 3D bushy appearance to leaves. They are no longer blocky. Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this pack.The download links given below will take you to the official curseforge files page of this pack. You can download your required version of this pack from there.


Invisible Armor

This a simple texture pack with a simple use. The Invisible Armor pack does exactly what it's name suggests. It makes your armors invisible. All of the armor sets, including the leather, chainmail, iron, gold, diamond and netherite armors are affected by this pack. Horse armor is unaffected. This pack is for all those players who spent hours designing their awesome skin, but are unable to see it while wearing armor. The pack works with all versions of Minecraft. You may receive an alert that the texture pack is for a newer version of the game and may no longer work correctly, but you can simply click "OK"and continue playing without facing any issues.Download links are given below.


Advanced GUI

The Advanced GUI texture pack caught my attention for being a unique texture pack that improves one of the most used, but often ignored, aspect of Minecraft - the GUI's. Many in-game blocks have their own GUI, and some of them, like chests, enchanting tables, anvils and crafting tables, are used very often. But these GUI's have stayed the same for a very long time, and they also look very lifeless since they mostly consist of only two colours. This is where the Advanced GUI pack brings a massive overhaul.All of the GUI's are a lot more detailed and interactive. Their layout and designs are often associated with the block they belong to and what that block is used for. I personally fell in love with the brewing stand GUI. It's a lot more detailed and I really liked the colour schemes used. Take a look at it in the screenshots given below.Download links are given below.


Default Dark Mode

Default Dark Mode does exactly what it's name suggests. This texture pack replaces all of the GUI's, settings and loading screen with a darkened variant of their respective textures. This ensures that your eyes experience less strain when using them. The text is now in a light gray shade that suites well with the dark gray GUI textures. Only the colours have changed, the rest of the features of the GUI's and settings, stays the same. Furthermore, using Darkomizer you can add a custom shade to the textures. Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from the pack.› Download links are given below.


Xray Ultimate

The Xray Ultimate pack makes all block textures transparent except for ores and liquids. This will make it easy for you to spot ores without having to spend hours mining. Infested stone variants are highlighted too, so that you can avoid mining into them. The pack works in the nether too, helping you find tons of ancient debris quickly.This might feel like cheating, but there's nothing wrong with using this pack in a single player world. Although, be careful as some multiplayer servers may not allow this pack and you may get kicked/ banned if found using one.→ Download links are given below.


Glass Doors

Vanilla Minecraft doors are pretty dull and boring. They lack depth and has stayed mostly unchanged for a long time. So here's a pack that replaces the door textures. The Glass Doors texture pack makes all the wooden door variants look modern and detailed by adding parts made of glass into them. These parts are transparent and will look really good on modern builds. The iron doors are noe made of bars between an iron frame. This will allow the door fit in really well in a prison cell scenario.Download links are given below.


Player Villager Models

The Player Villager Model texture pack replaces the textures of villagers, zombie villagers, pillagers, and witches, with player models. The vanilla villager textures are all the same only with some changes in their clothing based on their profession. This pack changes that and adds more life to villagers. They now have hands that they can swing around and no longer have weird long noses.Download links for this pack are given below.


Improved Fences

The Improved Fences resource pack changes the textures of all the fences and fence gate variants. Fences now have more wooden bars in between them, unlike the vanilla fences with just two poles on either side. Fence gates are now more solid. And they can even be used as an alternative for regular wooden doors. These changes affect all the fence and fence gate variants, including the ones that are crafted using the nether wood types.Download links are given below.


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