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MrCrayfish's Furniture

Mod adds 40+ furniture types into your minecraft world, including tables, chairs, oven, fridge, sofa, TV, lamp, washing machine, radio, printer, computer and even new year tree! So minecraft has got what it lacked for over years. Now you can add a huge amount of realism to the game and decorate it with beautiful and fascinating furnitures. Some items, blocks will have unique features, for example, you can sit on chairs, or use fridge in order to get obsidian from lava, get water from faucet.   


Advanced Compass

Advanced Compass mod is one of the best mods when it comes to adding a compass to your game. Unlike other compass mods, this one comes with a pretty useful horizontal bar where you can see the distance at which a variety of mobs are located. You can also customize almost everything in this mod by just accessing the settings menu ('P' key by default).



This shaders work on every version of Minecraft if your Optifine is up to dateIf you encounter a problem or if you want to make a suggestion, do not hesitate to leave a comment and do not hesitate to offer me mods to which the shader can be supported Shader works with Nvidia graphics cards but does not work on AMD and Intel HD graphics cardsMod support:-Biome O Plenty-Conquest Reforged-Dynamic Trees Now available for 1.16.x


Project LUMA

ProjectProject LUMA is an astonishing shader pack that offers players a pleasant experience. It changes nearly all details of the game, including shadows, lightning, water animation, making them look way more attractive. I would like to emphasize on the water animation, which is extremely beautiful, and resembles something like Witcher 3 water animation. But apart from that there is a nice sunray effect, along with shadows. Also shader pack adds beautiful sunset atmosphere, with red horizon and beautiful sky. Everything which I could not describe by words, you can reveal in screenshots!



This shader pack is an official continuation and the enhanced version of another popular shader pack called RRe36's. From one perspective it originates its many visual aspects from the SEUS v10.1 shader pack while adding some extra features and brings a unique look. Some of the remarkable improvements are volumetric clouds, spectacular fog effects and wonderful water animation. Look through the screenshots and reveal the beauty of the shaders yourself!   Find a link to the author's website on this shaders pack in the additional links section below!


RRe36's Shader

RRe 36's shader pack adds a bunch of lovely visual effects that you won't find in other packs. It tries to brighten your world as much as possible. The pack has been updated recently, so the environment looks much more amazing than ever before. As you walk through your world having this shader pack installed, you will feel the atmosphere that resembles warm sunny days of summer and spring. Considerable work has been done on the water animation; now it has a beautiful dark blue color with small, but lovely waves. Install RRe 36's shader pack, and take advantage of astonishing visual effects during the day, as well as the spectacular sky at night! I hope you will enjoy the shader pack! The shader pack developement is discontinued. However you can take a look at UShader as an alternative.


No Cubes

No Cubes is a completely unique mod that aims to add an exceptional twist to the normal Minecraft gameplay and is the first mod in Minecraft history to completely transform and enhance the minecraft landscape. The mod dramatically transforms Minecraft's traditional blocky landscape into smooth, moving landscapes that includes realistic caves, smooth mountain shapes, and more. One of the main features of the mod is that it does not affect the FPS at all, and in some settings, even increases it! Explore the new improved world of minecraft with your friends, and enjoy the beautiful views!



This is by far one of the best texture packs I have ever come across while playing Minecraft. UMSOEA offers you an unforgettable experience of reality in the game. Having this 1024x resolution pack, you can feel details in every block. Some blocks are even remodeled, which includes bookshelves, leaves, windows. But what makes the pack stand out is the availability of stunning effects of bump maps and specular maps, which both combined give you an illusion of rough surface and reflections. I strongly advise you to run UMSOEA along with RTX shaders like SEUS PTGI or Continuum in case you want to immerse into the game as a whole. Download the shader and start construction of the house of your dreams and enjoy the outstanding views of modern architecture.


Better Fps

Better FPS mod improves your FPS by using a bunch of algorithms that affect the performance in your game. If you usually play Minecraft with a modpacks that contain a lot of mods, then this mod is what you need. Mod also removes the fog effect that Minecraft originally comes with, which considerably increases performance as well. Note that you can change the improvements settings in the config file located in .minecraft/config/betterfps.json file by enabling or disabling them! Also you can do the same in your game interface Options -> BetterFps Options. You can find a link to the mod page in the additional links section below.


TwoColors Ultra Realistic

This amazing resource pack brings a number of beautiful and realistic textures to your Minecraft world. Along with replacing the visual aspect of your textures, this pack also creates an illusion of having a bumpy surface. As you observe the blocks, you will notice the shadow moving through its rough surface and in some the light being reflected. The colorful grass and sand textures deserve a special description. Even though the texture pack is in the development stage yet, it already has a lot to praise it for!   The screenshots you see are taken using Continuum 1.3 shader pack, so you can use it with the texture pack to get the same bumpy effects. 


JEI - Just Enough Items

Just Enough Items mod adds a new awesome menu to the inventory panel, where you can browse all the items, blocks, weapons and etc. Mod's main outstanding feature is showing you the craft recipies of any item/block you select, and see what they are used for. Apart from that you can also know how particular potion is made. One additional functionality the mod comes with is the ability to move the craft recipe directly to the crafting table (crafting table must be open for that). To do so, just press the + button below the craft recipe. Overall the mod is made to considerably easy the gameplay of any minecraft player and to help them save a lot of time. It is done very easy to navigate through the craft recipes and the usages of items. What also makes the mod unique is its compatibility with any other mods, which means that you can see the craft recipes of any material that other mods add! Usage: To see the craft recipies of a particular material, select the item from the right JEI menu, and click the left mouse button. To see what this item/block is used for, click the right mouse button. You can also search for items using the search area in the bottom right corner. Hope you will enjoy using this mod!   If you are still in an older versions of minecraft like 1.7.10, for which this mod is not available, you can download the perfect alternative Not Enough Items here.



As it follows from the title, this mod adds backpacks to the game. It enables you to carry huge amount of blocks, items, food with yourself, so, now you can go to long-lasting adventures, without worrying about the capacity of your inventory. Mod comes up with different types of backpacks, each of which, has its own unique feature, some may have bigger capacity for example. And note that backpacks can be nested, which means that you can put one backpack inside another. Also, you can share them with your friends. More information about the mod can be found in the following website: https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/minecraft-mods/1291844-backpacks-by-brad16840


Easy breeding

Mod facilitates the process of breeding of any type of animal, except ocelots. So you no longer need to come to each animal and feed it. Instead, just drop bunch of wheat or other type of plant and wait until animals breed. It is especially helpful if you manage big farm with hundreds of animals! Hope you enjoy:)


Mo' Bends

Mo' Bends if one of the leading mods that completely changes the animation of player and many mobs. If you wanted to see Steve to walk, jump, swim realisticly, then this mod is for you. It is one step to feel realism in your minecraft world! Animations added on: Player Animations: Basic movement Sprinting Jumping Sprint jumping Swimming Sword slashes Fist punching Sneaking Archery Ladder climbing Zombie Animations: Basic movement Spider Animations: Basic movement Jump attack Wall climbing Skeleton Animations: Basic movement Archery General: Arrow trails Sword trails Animation customization



Mod adds lots of vegetation, dinosaurs, textures from the Jurassic period. If you are a fan of games and movies based on the Jurassic theme, then you will like this mod very much. Explore and explore a new world full of danger and exotic animals.Also Jurassicraft mod allows you to create dinosaurs by extracting DNA from fossils and amber, putting them in the appropriate mechanism, as a result of which you will get a baby dinosaur! You can build your own museum, the same as in the movie Jurassic World, with the help of new decoration and dinosaur skeletons, all of which mod brings into the game! To make it easier for you to move around the park, use the car( included in the mod ). If you want to read more about the mod, then see Additional Links section


Keeping Inventory

As name suggests, this mod lets you to save your inventory after death. So you don't have to worry after you fall down to the lake of lava or beeing exploded by creeper. Simple, but very useful mod that facilitates your survival.


Biomes O' Plenty

Mod Adds 50+ unique biomes to enhance your world, with new trees, flowers, and more! Recreate your original experience of minecraft and discover the world again. There are so much to observe and learn in this mod, as apart from adding many kinds of biomes, it also expands the craft recipies. You will meet in your world new types of ores, blocks and items. Now, it's time to new advantures!



BSL Shaders is a shaderpack for Minecraft: Java Edition with high customization and optimization. This shader includes realtime shadows, volumetric light, ambient occlusion, bloom, customizable clouds and water, and built in anti-aliasing. Additional effects are available, such as depth of field, motion blur, specular and normal mapping, celshading, world curvature, and more. This shaders can easily compete with SEUS or CYBOX shaders as it has the highly developed atmospheric effects and animations as well! Find the link to CurseForge in the additional links below and support the author if you wish!


Smooth Blocks And More!

Texture pack that contains smooth and cartoonic blocks and items. This awesome pack allows players to enter into another, bright and colorful world of minecraft More of such an amazing and exciting texture pack you will see in the author's page here


Phil's Default Improvements + Enhanced Animals

This resource pack makes minor improvements to the default textures and models.List of improvements: Added shadow effect to grass block Removed unnecessary details from crafting table Enhanced overall TNT texture, removing the unsightly fuse from the top Furnace textures and models both lit and unlit are enhanced Colours on the bedrock texture are not as distinguished Torch models and textures are improved. In addition, torches appear unlit in the player's hand Redstone torch models and textures are also improved in both lit and unlit forms Removed leather armour overlays from both the model and items Early Minecraft animals have improved models and textures. Wool on the sheep's face is now coloured when dye is applied to the sheep Added brown overlay to grass and other foliage, giving a more natural look to the world Removed grey spots from all dirt based textures Changed textures and models for pumpkin, carved pumpkin and jack o' lantern blocks. Carved pumpkin overlay is changed to suit the new textures. Added wood texture to chests Polar bear textures improved Rails, iron bars and ladders are given a 3D effect. Shade is added to crops and flowers Improved all dirt based textures Changed bookshelf and brick texture Added fade effect to smoker animation Changed jukebox texture and added animation


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